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谭德塞点名台湾攻击 蔡英文脸书用英文向全球说明真相反击

针对台湾被指控在国际社会上发动种族歧视攻击的言论,总统蔡英文今(9)日稍早在脸书发文表达抗议之外,她刚刚又把抗议内容转成英文,并在脸书发表,她表示,她表达强烈的抗议。请大家把真相转给世界各国的朋友。同时,我也欢迎网路上的朋友帮忙翻译成各国语言,让我们一起透过网路向世界说明台湾的立场。▲翻摄蔡英文脸书WHO秘书长谭德塞于台湾时间8日23时多,在记者会上首度「公开点名台湾」 ,指责台湾过去3个月对他人身攻击。对此,总统蔡英文今(9)日稍早前在脸书发文,对于台湾被指控在国际社会发动种族歧视攻击的言论,「我要表达强烈抗议」。蔡英文强调,「台湾向来反对任何形式的歧视,我们长年被排除在国际组织之外,比谁都知道被歧视和孤立是什么滋味」。以下是蔡英文抗议谭德塞不当言论的英文版内容:  I strongly protest the accusations today that Taiwan is instigating racist attacks in the international community. Taiwan has always opposed all forms of discrimination. For years, we have been excluded from international organizations, and we know better than anyone else what it feels like to be discriminated against and isolated.  I want to take this opportunity to invite Director-General Tedros to visit Taiwan and experience for himself how committed the Taiwanese people are to engaging with and contributing to the world, even in the face of discrimination and isolation.  Taiwan’s selfless medical workers and volunteers can be found around the world. The Taiwanese people do not differentiate by skin color or language; all of us are brothers and sisters. We have never let our inability to join international organizations lessen our support for the international community.  Taiwan has poured all of its efforts into stopping the spread of COVID-19, and our achievements have received a great deal of attention from around the world. Despite being excluded from the WHO due to political manipulation, we have shouldered our responsibility as a member of the international community and taken the initiative to donate face masks and other supplies to medical workers in countries hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.  #TaiwanCanHelp, and the spirit of Taiwan is Helping has never been influenced by nationality or race.  Taiwan is dedicated to the values of freedom, democracy, diversity, and tolerance. We do not condone the use of racist remarks to attack those with different opinions. If Director-General Tedros could withstand pressure from China and come to Taiwan to see Taiwan’s efforts to fight COVID-19 for himself, he would be able to see that the Taiwanese people are the true victims of unfair treatment. I believe that the WHO will only truly be complete if Taiwan is included. 

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  • Brad Bukovsky
    • Brad Bukovsky

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  • Brad Bukovsky

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